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Over the course of 5 days campers will build a 1/10 scale 2 wheel drive RC Car from over 250 pieces and on the final day race against their classmates.  Campers will learn how motors, electronic speed controls and radios all work together to power their remote control truck. The cost of this camp is $225 which includes RC Buggy, radio, charger and battery. 

For 3rd through 7th graders.

June 5 - 9 and July 10 - 14, 9am to 1pm

Car Build Camp

Camps Starting This Summer

Over 5 days campers will  build and learn how airplanes fly, and the physics behind flight.  On the last day the students will compete with each other and show off their newly built airplanes and flying skills. The cost of this camp is $100 which includes 3 airplanes. 

For 3rd through 7th graders.

June 19 through 23, 9am to 1pm

Airplane Camp


Robot Camp

An educational 5 day STEM program for beginners to get hands-on experience with programming, electronics, assembling and robotics knowledge. Campers will build and experiment with 24 kinds of module parts including obstacle avoidance, line tracing module, and infrared remote control. Campers will  learn how to control their robots via infrared, phone and tablets  (device required). The cost of the camp is $180 which includes the robot.

For 3rd through 7th graders.

July 17 through 21, 9 to 1pm


Come learn how rockets work and build several. of your own. Over 5 days students will learn the history of rockets and how simple rockets work. There will be lots of jet propulsion experiments. Participants will get to build several different types rockets of their own and on the final day launch them.  The cost of this camp is $100.

For 3rd through 7th graders.

June 12 to 15 and July 24 to 28, 9am to 1pm

Rocket Camp

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