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We love STEM!  
We incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into our camps and educational classes.  We host onsite classes or we can bring the classes to your school or homeschool organization. 


Each summer we hold a series of week long camps at our shop in Sharpsburg. These camps include Car Build camp, Robot camp, Rocket Camp and Airplane Camp. In each camp the campers build their own remote control vehicle which they take home at the end of the week. Through instruction and hands-on experiments campers also learn the science related to their project.

 On Site Classes

 We love Homeschoolers and have had the privelige of creating custom classes for several Homeschool communities.  Past classes have included a series on American inventers such as Edison and Morse.  In these classes students engaged in hand-on activities to learn the science behind electricity and sound.  

We have hosted merit badge classes for both Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops. Past classes have included aviation and                  .  We can customize a class to incorporate requirements for a specific badge.

On Site Classes

Let us bring our STEM classes to you!  

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